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Fighting For Bus Accident Victims in the Greater Las Vegas Area

While not as common as car accidents, bus accidents can have serious consequences for bus passengers as well as the occupants of vehicles involved in their crashes. Because of their size and weight and the number of people on board, victims in buses can face serious injuries. Fighting to get the compensation you need from an insurance company in the aftermath of such an accident can be difficult. These companies never want to pay you what your claim is truly worth. They will go to great lengths to deny or undervalue your claim to preserve their profitability. That is why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who knows how to hold these companies accountable.

At Sierra Nevada Injury Lawyers, we deal with insurance companies on a routine basis. We know how to present comprehensive evidence in support of our clients and how to counteract their measures to discount settlement amounts with proof of fault that forces them to pay you what you are rightfully owed. Our attorneys are not only your lawyers but your advocates throughout the entire claims process who are always ready to go above and beyond what is expected to see that you get the justice you deserve.

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Bus Regulations Behind Accidents In Las Vegas

Unfortunately, bus accidents across the country kill hundreds of people every year and injure thousands more. This has been documented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In Las Vegas with its numerous hotels and tourist attractions, shuttle buses continuously travel throughout the city. Locals and tourists also commute around the city in Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) buses as well. Additionally, tour buses travel daily in and out of the city and throughout the area on tight schedules. Our roads and highways are crammed with buses, taxis, rideshare vehicles, shuttle vans, school buses, passenger cars, and trucks, all of which can make traffic dense and subject to accidents caused by negligent drivers.

The huge and busy transportation industry in our area is subject to higher standards than drivers of passenger cars. Commercial drivers and transportation companies may need to follow the strict regulations and oversight by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. School buses may also be affected by regulatory agencies.

These regulations can involve:

In seeking optimum compensation for your bus accident, your legal team will need to understand how local, state, and federal regulations impact your case in the pursuit of the damages available in bus accident claims. Our team can investigate all these factors in building your case.

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents

The causes of bus accidents can include many factors such as the following:

Damages That Could Be Recovered In A Bus Accident Claim

In most bus accident cases, the bus driver’s employer will be held accountable for your damages. This generally involves dealing with the bus company’s insurer who will work to negate or diminish what you are owed in a claim. That is where our Las Vegas bus accident lawyer comes in who will carefully prepare your case with substantiated evidence.

Your damages can include:

Once we have thoroughly prepared your case, we engage in tough negotiation sessions with insurers to recover every dollar you are owed in the largest settlement possible. Our firm has won many advantageous settlements and court awards for our clients over the past decade.


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